About us - Ekobal Rožnov

Ekobal Rožnov spol. s r. o. was established in 1993. Our main business is the production of environmentally friendly paper cups and welding lids. We also have a subsidiary production of slot insulation.

Annual volume is about 120 millions pcs of cups and 50 millions pcs of lids. Currently, 57 people is working in Ekobal Rožnov.

In order to ensure the high quality of our products we have applied a quality control according to ISO 9001:2000 regulation.
Because Ekobal Rožnov is an environmentally friendly company, our cups and lids meet the highest levels of ecologically friendly standards.

The base material of our cups is polyethylen coated paperboard.

Our cups have a broad range of utilization. They are suitable for the storage of all kinds of dairy products as well as pasteriused foods up to 90ºC. 
They may also be used for the packaging of spices, sweets, teas, cold beverages and so on. Compared to plastic cups, our paper cups possess better thermoregulation abilities. 
Therefore they can be used both for hot coffee and frozen goods, as well.

The exposed edge of paperboard inside of the cup is protected by a polyethylen foil which prevents air from penetrating inside the cup and also prevents saturation of its contents into the substance of paperboard.
Therefore our products are suitable for the packaging of foods that are sensitive to air exposure and foods of that are able to maintain long durability.

The cups are printed by a technique five colour offset or flexoprint. Our production technology and the shape of the product enables us to print the whole cup with your graphic design. We are also able to deliver a printing of barcode bottom on the bottom of the cups.

There are multiple lids suitable for our cups – paper based, aluminium foil based or plastic based. 
Our paper lids are comparable with aluminium foil lids in quality. 
The paper lids are suitable not only for paper cups, but also for polypropylene cups with circle diameter of 75mm and 95mm. 
The lids are suitable for all kinds of filling machines and are also being printed by the five colour offset technique.

We are capable of providing and printing graphic designs for cups and lids.

Advantages of paper cups

  • broad range of utilization
  • excellent product protection
  • regardful to environment
  • excellent thermoregulating and insulating attributes
  • excellent printing quality
  • large printing area on sidewall, base and lid
  • recyclability
  • unbreakability
  • low weight
  • safe for children

Possible use

  • yoghurts and other dairy products
  • ice cream
  • hot beverages
  • cold beverages
  • spices
  • sweets, candies, cookies
  • instant food
  • spreads
  • salads
  • honey, jam
  • crackers, nuts, crisps


Our company keeps trying to have a positive approach to environmental protection, that is why we are looking for new options how to reduce the effect of disposal of our packages on environment as much as possible.
At present, we additionally to our standard types of paperboards offer new biodegradable paperboard where polymer coatings are based on raw materials which come from natural crops or from fossil sources, or combinations of these.
Biodegradable paperboard breaks down to humus and CO2 in industrial composting.
In recycling schemes, biodegradable products are primarily intended into the collection of compostable materials. 
Our biodegradable paperboard meets the compostability requirements of the EN 13432 and ASTM 6400 standards.